Podcast Editing: Trolling With Logic Podcast

My first project for 2018 was for the fantastic Trolling With Logic podcast, a show that explores pop culture through a skeptic’s lens. My first episode as audio editor is Show 57, “Pseudoscience vs Justice with Kavin Senapathy.” You can listen to it on TWL’s website, located at this link.

My Episodes

My Process

For this show, I was sent several multitrack files, as each guest had their own microphone. After making a new multitrack session in Audition, I processed each track individually, since the variety of levels in each recording necessitated different approaches. Some tracks were brought up 3 db, others were brought down by 3 db.

Most of this was done using the stock Audition plug-ins, but by sheer luck I picked up SPL De-Verb Plus by Sound Alliance on sale the same day the contract started, so I used that to remove reverb revealed by compressing.

After cleanup, I again went into Logic and used crossfades to remove any mistakes. I also added intro music and a brief outro speech by Nathan, which necessitated using Logic’s automation tools to bring down the level of the music so it wouldn’t override his voice.

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