While getting my degree, I worked on a wide variety of different projects. While my primary form of work is editing for spoken dialogue (podcasts, radio commercials, etc.) I can do other tasks too.

  • Podcast/audiobook editing

  • Audio for video (remixing an audio track for the purpose of syncing to previously recorded footage)

  • Music mixing (Genres include: Jazz, punk, country-rock, folk, singer-songwriter, etc.)

  • Audio restoration from vinyl records (removing clicks and crackles)

Why Should You Care?

I had a college professor who instilled in his students the belief that our primary goal, as audio engineers, is to help people communicate. Communication takes many forms: sometimes it’s a song, other times it’s a podcast or an audiobook, or a video. There is always a message, and that message deserves to be communicated effectively. I can help you do that. I’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure that you get what you want. That is my promise to you.